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Pranajeewa Miracle Oil

Pranajeewa is a traditional herbal medicine that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is over 200 years old and is a proven cure for many kinds of diseases including Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, Cholesterol, and Cancer. Pranajeewa’s miraculous properties have made it the ideal cure for a multitude of other ailments and conditions, known among them are paralysis, Asthma, Catarrh, Skin diseases.
$190.97 $140.99

Gluteala Ayurvedic Herbal Drink

Gluteala is highly effective in reducing excess body fat, preventing unnatural fettering of specific areas of the body such as the waist hips, thighs, shoulders, and hands, efficiently controlling harmful cholesterol, and rids the body of aches and pains, helping alleviate pain caused by arthritis.
$38.45 $25.63

Organic Green Tea with Herbs

Herbal Tea mainly for arthritis and Joint pain. It consists of Herbs blended with certified Ceylon Organic Green Tea.
$34.61 $25.63

Kashvi Herbal Hair Oil

A special blend of natural oils with the goodness of Vitamin E, Hair Oil nourishes hair by replenishing the natural oils of the scalp. It also helps protect hair from the harmful UV rays from Sun.
$44.86 $25.63


Muscles and Joint Pain, Swellings, Numbness, Sprains, Cramps, Stiffness, Headaches, Sneezing, Breathing Difficulties, Highly Effective for Specific Allergies & Complications of Cold Weather, Mosquito Repellent Effect.
$32.04 $25.63


Ulcers and acne(Pimple), Heat rashes, Cracked heels, Eczema (wet or dry), Psoriasis, Whitish patches, Dry skin, itchy andinflamed skin.
$12.82 $6.41